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Guide to Basement Window Replacement

Basement windows help seal the bottom of your home. However they are often neglected and sometimes forgotten about, even when replacing all the other windows in your house. Read our guide to learn everything you need to know about window replacement in the basement.

Craftsman Style Front Doors

In the last few years, Craftsman style exterior doors have become extremely popular.  If you're considering a replacement front door, a craftsman style may be a great fit. Our goal is to give you a comprehensive understanding of craftsman style doors. 

Front Door Styles for Your Home

Ready to change your front door but not sure where to start? A good place to begin is the look and feel of the type of door you want. Once you choose the style of door, you can start to hone in on more variables like colors, glass designs, hardware etc. Here's an overview of the most popular door styles. 

The Simple Trick to Replacement Window Ratings

In shopping for new replacement windows you may have heard of NFRC ratings. However, most window companies won't talk about these ratings and what they mean. They'll spend hours extolling the benefits of their organization and product, but leave this crucial detail out of the story. Read our post to find out why.

Everything You Need to Know About Arch Top Storm Doors

Arch top doors are one of the most unique types of doors you will find. Unfortunately, that means replacing them can be tricky. In this post we will focus on arch top storm doors and provide you everything you need to know about replacing them.

How to Choose a Front Door Color

There are literally hundreds of color combinations available for your front door. Most doors come pre-finished from the factory and include a warranty. Manufacturers use a multi-step process including several coats of paint or stain, ovens and protective costings. When choosing the best fit, there are three main questions to consider for your front door color.