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Why choose us

Why Choose Us?

Here are eight reasons to choose King Remodeling for your next project:

Licensed and Insured

We are licensed and fully insured. We follow all laws and building codes and adhere to safe work practices. If an accident does occur in your home, you are completely protected. Hiring a remodeler who is not licensed and insured exposes you to unnecessary risk.

65+ years experience

According to the Better Business Bureau, most contractors go out of  business in three years or less. Over the last six decades, we have completed literally thousands of remodeling projects. We have been able to stay in business because of our expertise and our commitment to providing quality products and service.

Multiple Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards in addition to personal checks. We also  have several financing packages, subject to credit approval. Check out our financing options by clicking the tab on the left. In certain circumstances we can work out special payment terms. 

Factory Direct

The majority of our products are purchased directly from the  manufacturer. That means all products are custom ordered to fit the exact measurements and specifications you require. It also allows us to offer better pricing by cutting out the middle-man. 

Convenient Showroom

Our showroom provides you the opportunity to see, touch and feel the  product you are going to buy before you make the purchase. It also demonstrate our commitment to the community. It's always very easy to find us, whether for a question, because of a problem, or just to say hello. 

No-Cost, No Obligation Estimates

We never charge for an estimate. Even if you are not ready to purchase  and just want to collect information, we are happy to help. We never use high-pressure sales tactics because by providing valuable information and solid service, we are confident that you will select us in the end.

Wide Selection of Brands

We believe in giving maximum choice to our customers. Therefore, we have a  multitude of brands available. We will help guide you through the process of selecting the best one while balancing issues of cost, aesthetics and features. All the brands we use have been vetted for quality by the company. 

Many Types of Home Improvement

Our goal is not to replace just your  windows or door. We want to to be the go-to source for all your remodeling needs. Therefore, we have a strong incentive to provide good service because we want to do business with you again. In addition, our variety of products allows you the option for one-stop-shopping rather than having to manage several different contractors.